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Christopher Wilson

Posted on August 27 2019


Please allow me to introduce myself 😅 You all may have been following me for a while or just a short time but I wanted to just say hey! I’m Chris Wilson owner of #Mogul a streetwear clothing line that’s focused on supporting mental health and to #stopsuicide.

I started my business in 2017 wanting to improve mental health access across the country and world, using clothing to bring awareness to an issue near and dear to me. Many people around me, including myself, have battled depression and anxiety. There should not be a stigma around talking about mental health, it's just as important as physical health, so why can’t we talk about it just the same? 

“This Shirt Saved Lives” is not just another T-shirt slogan, it is a truth. When we talk about tough “taboo” topics such as our own mental health and suicide prevention, we reduce the stigma around it. Donating money from every sale of my clothing to non-profits that seek to provide low/no cost therapy, medication and other mental health services is very important to me. I want to live in a world where not another life is lost to suicide or a mental health battle.

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