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Christopher Wilson

Posted on October 23 2019


Happy Wednesday everyone! I wanted to take a second to reflect today with y’all. Today I ask you to think about where you’re at on your journey? What’s your ultimate goal? What’s your immediate goal? ✨ 🔮

I touched on this a little bit on my Instagram story today but while on that path you will want to give up sometimes and that’s okay to feel that way; it’s “normal”. 📚 🏔

Just don’t give in to that feeling though. When we have a bad day or a bad week, it’s easy to want to give up, but we have to remember that just because it’s hard time doesn’t mean it’s a bad life. This is why this library collection means a little bit more to mean than past releases. Over the course of this year with so many hits to me personally and somewhat to my brand, I have wanted to give up. There have been stretches of time where I did not see a clear path forward. I did not know how to get even started on my immediate goals. 🤔😪 There were times I was exhausted mentally and physically.

However I never gave up, I pushed forward, I figured it out. I have had great support and lots of shoulders. I hope I give back a fraction you all give to me and that’s why I’m always eager to help anyone. I never want people to feel some of the darkest things I feel at times. We can change the world, but we have to just keep going, together.

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